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Moonlight’s Headwaters

I miss being a Moonlight patroller. At 10,000′, the north-facing chutes in the Headwaters Cirque cirque are cold, windswept and rocky mid-winter. Northwest winds blow the surface of the 1000′-long shots smooth, even with only a dusting of new snow. I … Continue reading

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The Montana Desert

There is a desert in Montana, just off the Pipestone exit on I-90, an hour’s drive west of Bozeman. It just snowed a foot in town, and this time of year, when I wish I was in Moab, the Pipestone granite is often dry … Continue reading

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Maverick Mountain road trip

Last week my parents came to visit, and we road tripped to Maverick Mountain, outside of Dillon, Montana. On the way, we stopped at Beaverhead Rock, on the Jefferson River, a prominent marker on the Lewis and Clark trail. We had … Continue reading

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Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw has always been one of my heroes. My parents watched NBC Nightly News every evening when I was a kid. Even though I wasn’t into writing or journalism then, I appreciated his confidence and ability with words. Beyond … Continue reading

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