Ten minutes

Tonight my friend Carly told me this journal has become too much a dumping site for photos and videos, which she sees as ‘double dipping’ from work. She said it’s going downhill because I have not done enough writing—or more to the point, storytelling.

She, too, spends her life writing, and I respect her for it: she’s good.

We stayed up late talking about journalism, people and fiction. I told her blog is a dirty word; that I am learning to take photos, and that video is a great way to tell stories.

She wouldn’t have it.

But, sometimes life is routine. Last week, the ten minutes I spent on the side of Highway 191 during my commute filming the muddy rapids in the Gallatin got me through a whole day of work. And capturing those rapids on video was the most succinct and vivid way I knew to share that feeling.


About Emily Stifler

I grew up in Vermont and live in Bozeman, Montana. I love topography: mountains, rocks, weather and people.
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3 Responses to Ten minutes

  1. Carly says:

    Emily! I just read this post. After reading my own words, I realize I sounded pretty negative. Like a reverse snob!  So I’d like to admit that I should appreciate videos more. They have their place, and can be a great way of storytelling. Definitely worth learning.

    I just asked for more writing because I love your writing, and it’s wonderful, and I like being able to see an event the way you saw it. And maybe there are things missing in a video that a writer and reader gain from print stories. Oftentimes when you sit down to write something, it’s after the fact, so you’ve had time to reflect. And then you write and can see what the experience meant to you, even if you didn’t understand it at the time. Or you can see in words something you’ve always thought but never realized.

    Does that make sense?

    Mostly, I’m just biased toward writing as a medium. And we see less and less of it as new technology becomes more and more popular. You’re developing your video and photo skills, and that truly is great! (The ones you’ve made are impressive and fun to watch.)

    I’m just saying: Keep up writing too, because you have a gift for it.

  2. Ditto on what Carly wrote, Em. Write more! Video/photograph more! You’re so talented and it’s all good. I’m glad I can come here and keep up with you in the world 🙂

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